For my Art I

For my Art, I See life, different. For my Art I delve Through the heart and beats of Society. For my Art I speak Like I want, express all ideology That moves like a shot of tequila Strong and hard along with The platelets coursing, Flow to my pulsating Organ. For my Art, I feel … Continue reading For my Art I

i awoke.

I dreamt of a place where my heart could break with no one in sight to see it shatter but when I opened my eyes I stood at the helm of life and everyone who knew me laughed and pointed at me in my dismal stance and all I could do was scream unheard by … Continue reading i awoke.


Look into my eyes, search my soul, keep my heart abeating so that I can know I am alive… I can see, I can allow time to pass and still believe I have it within myself to be. Continue reading Untitled.


I am searching for a part a thing to complete the incomlpete and make it whole. My intention at this moment is not to write poetry but to rather find an understanding of this confusion I feel just might drown me a few months from now. I am indeed Joan of Arc but I am … Continue reading Flashlight


Its ironic that you made me insane in my moments of sanity… And yet kept me sane in my moments of insanity. its ironic that this gust of fresh air fills my lungs allowing me to dive to the deepest of oceans without once fearing to lose my breath while you gasp for it. I … Continue reading Ironicity…


I mic what I like much like I write what I will. I keep and allow the words to seep into and through me still. I drop rhymes so ill they make me sick to the pit with the motions of the kill. As they roll off my tongue I feel them hung, slung against … Continue reading lexicology

You… Speak

Open your mouth holla back what’s been on your mind. Rip off those stitches… you speak. Society keeps you silent, why allow such atrocity. Rip off those damned stitches. you speak. Opinions, battilions fight for your right to speak. Rip off those stitches. You… Speak. Continue reading You… Speak


Memory reached and asked me to remember you. I see it now, clear as baby Blue eyes. My clothes at the floor, I had found the piece Of me that said yes when Told no. Inhibitions cast out, Wrapped in the warmth Of the sun… Swirl, I did, down And deep. Rapture Through me, around … Continue reading Swirl