Memory reached and asked me to remember you. I see it now, clear as baby Blue eyes. My clothes at the floor, I had found the piece Of me that said yes when Told no. Inhibitions cast out, Wrapped in the warmth Of the sun… Swirl, I did, down And deep. Rapture Through me, around … Continue reading Swirl


every second passes like I never knew it existed. every notion of the possibilities of this, that and what we choose to acknowledge. plans you make amidst confusion, riot with lack of understanding even as I try to explain to you what it is I see. small letters, hard words inbetween meaning explanation ignorance and … Continue reading unplanned

in my hands

mouth gaping not really saying much, why do you feel you hold the world in your hands when all you’re holding are the sand particles of your life as it slips, dried out like the Karoo sand in-between your fingers and as it hits the ground becomes yours no longer. Continue reading in my hands


Totality, your idea of where you are and where you want to be, you forget that the nuances of your words pulled together in cool lines and non-rhymes are not necessarily the epitome of poetry but rather of words haphazardly thrown together into a blender in the hope that a shake worth the effort will … Continue reading totality