the stretch of the soul       when it breaks and  hangs, dregs in the branches. hoping and looping several    times through the split tendrils of itself.  frayed; stretching in a hope. the stretch.     the unspoken stretch.  Continue reading fragility


on how strange things can remind me of things. like packing materials for today’s lessons and being hit by that new toy plastic smell. on how that smell is linked to my Tshepang. on how the toy that etched that memory in me, was the last toy she received before her passing. on how her … Continue reading untitled

houses burn

do it all. with feeling.   you say this to everyone. and then one day you wake up; you’re 27 and you’ve barely lived because you’ve been doing the exact opposite of what you say to others.   you wake up and your inner voice croaks from the depths of an abyss you’d forgotten you … Continue reading houses burn

untitled / an extract

I’m not happy anymore- He sat hunched over the desk and said nothing. I thought I could do this but I can’t. I’m holding on and I shouldn’t- I can’t- I’ve become this hateful person I don’t recognise. I want myself back. She stood there speaking at him- as every conversation went since day the … Continue reading untitled / an extract


brother- i stood, mute and watched you holding life in your hands and your strife so desperate, so clear. i understood then, the life you bear and even as i counted the steps and saw what you were to do watching it slip through fingers that way to throw this life away Continue reading untitled