i wish i knew how to feel warmth upon my shoulders- when my mind swears i'm dying a slow death. 


untitled (10)11/03/17

Do you like yourself? Excuse me? Do you like yourself? ; the question echoed accusatorily.   She could feel herself recoil at the question even as she dared herself to calm- to breathe - to breathe.   The breath she drew stuck pins in her chest through her back and she knew she was falling … Continue reading untitled (10)11/03/17

last hours in bangkok.

i've collected a collage of tan-lines. i've collected the sun. i've made moments with old, made new friends and missed some. i've eaten so much tom yum. i bought books today- instead of doing touristy things. i've had interesting conversations about life; future; and everything in between.  i've arted and felt both content and empty … Continue reading last hours in bangkok.