you are lovely

live and love while you still can, in earnest, without fear or question. love because you deserve to hold your sense of self and understand you’re worth the love, the time. and as you love, respect your boundaries. give them names and use them in conversation because they are your friends, those who love you … Continue reading you are lovely


i have sisters, stars strewn across the sky of my life women who have taught me lessons i have passed with flying colours and continue to tutor me through the tougher patches; who see me and see so much more than my eyes can see, teaching me in turn to look beyond, beyond, beyond, and … Continue reading sisters

to the lighthouse

to love without pedestals to know each flaw by name; and love anyway, eyes wide open heart wide open arms, hands- wide open, love anyway, to dance through every season and know you’re seen; heard; understood to stand on solid ground- choose and be chosen every day, love anyway; i’ll send this light in a … Continue reading to the lighthouse


the sky hasn’t even changed yet but the weight sits and builds. lava. sink. make way. make land. land. find footing. quick. before the sand drags you all the way down. choke and scream little one. scream and rise. out of the ashes life has left of you. Continue reading water.

i wish i knew how to feel warmth upon my shoulders- when my mind swears i’m dying a slow death.  Continue reading

untitled (10)11/03/17

Do you like yourself? Excuse me? Do you like yourself? ; the question echoed accusatorily.   She could feel herself recoil at the question even as she dared herself to calm- to breathe – to breathe.   The breath she drew stuck pins in her chest through her back and she knew she was falling … Continue reading untitled (10)11/03/17

last hours in bangkok.

i’ve collected a collage of tan-lines. i’ve collected the sun. i’ve made moments with old, made new friends and missed some. i’ve eaten so much tom yum. i bought books today- instead of doing touristy things. i’ve had interesting conversations about life; future; and everything in between.  i’ve arted and felt both content and empty … Continue reading last hours in bangkok.