i’ve collected a collage of tan-lines.
i’ve collected the sun.

i’ve made moments with old, made new friends and missed some.

i’ve eaten so much tom yum.

i bought books today- instead of doing touristy things.

i’ve had interesting conversations about life; future; and everything in between. 

i’ve arted and felt both content and empty to the question of our place in this world.

i cried- some internally; some right on the brink of my eyes but never falling.

i’ve been by myself and haven’t. 

a balancing.

i’ve taken many pictures but in some i didn’t.

i’m in a place of peace and quiet.

i know what lies ahead.

i’m still collecting the sun.
collect your sun. 

whatever it is. 

pull it to your skin. through to

the parts below and those below those.

let it kiss you and kiss it back.

hold it to your face and 

whisper an unbroken,

a blooming, wild and well-watered green 

i love you. i love you. i love you. 


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