So much to say but unsure how to set it all out- the point of it all is that it needs to stop. Rape. It needs to stop. Are you part of the problem or the solution?

Imię nie jest Ciarán West

Q: Okay then, I am a man. Explain Rape Culture to me!

A: Certainly. How much do you know already?

Q: Erm, not much. It just seems to be some phrase women shout at me on the internet.

A: Well, that’s a start. ‘Rape Culture’ is a term coined by second-wave feminists in the nineteen sev-

Q: Ugh.

A: What?

Q: Feminists! I hate them. They’re such fascists. Always telling me I’m wrong, or a pig, or a rapist.

A: Well, I’m sure that’s only some of them. One person doesn’t speak for the whole movement. Unless they’re like, the Leader of Feminism or something.

Q: Who is their leader?

A: Dunno. Naomi Wolf? Germaine Greer? I’m not sure they have one. It’s difficult for them agree on one woman to lead, I suppose.

Q: Because all women secretly hate each other?

A: Well, I didn’t say that. Anyway, Rape…

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