Even ‘crazy’ people find love. I just finished watching this film for the first time (I tend to prefer waiting it out for the ‘hype’ to die out before checking stuff out), and I love it. I might want to get on a rooftop and declare it to the rest of the neighbourhood but it’s Winter, it’s cold out, and that alone is hype.

The film doesn’t need that though because it explores and weaves it’s themes of love, madness and positive-energy-breeding-positive-things so seamlessly. Great cast, great everything. It all fits perfectly into a mostly non-fluffy film about everything that can be considered ‘fluffy’. Gorgeous. Simple. Straightforward. A hilarious, clever and beautiful film. Lightly heavy, just the right amounts of everything. Loved it.


One thought on “The Beauty of “Silver Linings Playbook”.

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