See, the thing is… Life is funny. And always finds a way of making you reflect on your actions, the actions of others, and how these seem to bleed into and affect you- them- and vice versa. 

Sometimes, all it really takes is for a look at yourself for you to understand that life and the way we live it nowadays is so lateral. By lateral I mean it as a derivative of the meaning of lateral as in going in a different direction/ offering a different perception of something or being innovative (for lack of a better word).

It’s also very contradictory. We’re here but not here at the same time. We feel but don’t feel at the same time. We live but don’t actually live… We’re parallel to everything but in it at the same time… Adjective. Noun. Verb. All our interactions with the world fit the thought that we’re the parallel in our existence. 

We say we want closeness but run in the opposite direction at the moment closeness attempts first contact. I digress.


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