My eyes on your body- fixated by the beauty before them. Tracing your being as if memorising the routes…

I’m brought back to gaze at your smile; white flashing from between your pink lips- dripping their own allure.

In my head I log our destination coordinations into my GPS. Find. Memorise. Save- pleasure.

I smile back at you from across the room; my hair at my sides, cascading over my heart shape- curtains to what’s to come-

I can imagine you looking at the map of this and as I near you a giggle erupts from those precious lips filling the room, my ears with your sweet sound.

You roll onto your side as I ascend your throne- your eyes seem to sparkle- your curves announce themselves and mesmerise me all over again.

My eyes on your body- taking in the turns, the curves, the recalculations, the stops-


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