Your eyes engage mine- locked in a conversation I can’t transcribe.

Palm resting on your warm skin. A silence enfolding us.

The smile you wear so well takes away from your unclothed body enshrouding you…


To celebrate your body. To thank the universe for your creation-

Firmly-Softly-Perfection. Like a ripe fruit bearing only the best of itself-

You are all this. For lips to beg to brush. And teeth to bite. Mouth to fill and juice to drip.


The sound escaping your lips breaks my fetters like an animal let loose in it’s natural habitat.

Your nails clawing at me only want me to plunge deeper into this river and become a fish though I’ve never been one.

Your ripe fruitskin breaks and leaks sweet nectar- the kind Aphrodite could drink in her chalice- where I find myself.Aphrodite as done by C. Perry. Found on


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