Forcing myself
Being out of my skin
Feeding your-self
Greedy n hungry lips*
Loving my pain
I’m depleted n faint
When what we built
And spent time creating
Now so broken. Done.
I’m left waiting
For you to rescue me
Tell me those words
That you know to revive me
Inside me
I’m wanting
You, to call
And maybe touch me
But maybe
My wishing is just
And my screaming can’t help
No matter my craving
Your resistance to changing
And fierce n utter faking
Of this love
You’re quick to mention
Is nothing
Just blatant, intentional hurting
hating loving
Open wounds
Nothing but rushing in, fools
Laying around in red thick
And messy pools
My blood on walls
Splattered with rage
I’m seeing red.
You, my matador
I’m an angry bull
Flashing the clothe
And concealing that knife
Ready in wait
To strike and end my life.

Another poem written by a dear friend of mine, my best friend- Nonhlanhla Masengemi. The moment I read it I loved it and felt that it would be right at home on my blog because of the imagery it invokes. Such gorgeous honesty and use of metaphoric. I hope you enjoy it, and comments are most welcome 🙂


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