I’ve been thinking a lot about life and what it means. On the 5th of January 2013, I had a moment of reflection on the direction my life was taking. The reason this came about (please someone correct me if I was overreacting…) is because I think I almost died-  a mere 29 days before my 24th birthday… My two favourite numbers… And the age at which I think all good things will finally fall at my feet…


What happened is that my flatmate had her family over and one of her nephews managed to drop a lighter into the oven. When I got home later that evening I decided I wanted to roast some chicken for my dinner… and “preheated” the oven… in grill-mode…


A few minutes later,  my flatmate, who happened to be in the kitchen at that time, asked if I smelt something burning… We smelt our way to the oven door, peering in the belly of a basking heat trying to figure out where the heck this plastic smell was coming from.

And then we saw it. Looking like a piece of chocolate that was just starting to feel the warmth of the sun as it melted. I’d never seen my flatmate panic and grab something that quick before. She gave it to me and said I should throw it away. And as I walked away from it, the thought didn’t cross my mind until later that I could have died.

My theory, or rather what would have happened had my flatmate not been there is this: I would have walked in. Decided I want roast chicken for dinner. I would have boiled the kettle to make a cup of tea. I would have gone to my room to put my phone on the charger. I would have gone back to the kitchen. I would have made a cup of tea (which could have been before or after taking the chicken out of the freezer and possibly/or not defrosting it and then seasoning it). Depending on the order of the tea and chicken, I would have sat down and drank at least half my cup of tea before realising I hadn’t a.) prepared the chicken OR b.) put the chicken in the oven. 


Then I would have opened the oven door. 


Now I don’t know how much gas you need in a lighter for something to happen, but something could have possibly happened? Yes? No?


Either way. The fact that  nothing happened has led me to believe in this whole “this is my year of greatness” thing. Here’s to life right… 


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