I was once a foolish
girl who believed without
A doubt…
I was in love. I said I
Loved. How ruthless I was
To my heart.

As I lay dying I
Saw vultures circling
My night sky – also
Watching me, my carcass
From their dark heights.

I couldn’t drag myself
To safety. I left myself
Lay there and waited
Until I could feel their
Talons tearing at my
Salt-soaked flesh.

I died a cold and heartless death,
One I had brought to myself.
I didn’t writhe as I died.
I lay there, as if giving
Myself up to some greater

The intricate bits that held me
Groaned under the weight
Of the vultures gnawing at
My bones to strip me away.
I disappeared and could not
Remember what feeling was.

I’m that foolish girl. Trying to
Find the bits of me that had fallen from
The mouths of those vultures.
There’s nothing I want more
Than to give myself a proper

• Another WordPress creation by Kitsowisdom •


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