Take me. From my spirit, soul
pride, life -down- take me.
Take me from between my thighs.
Dis- member me.

Oh, wait- you already have.
Cruelly you raped my heart.
My body watched as you tore
me. Limb to limb.

My soul suffered the torture first
as you gang-raped us. Taking. Taking. Always claiming to be giving. I fell, but there was no ground to stand on.

My pride fought for survival- but when you’re lying on your back taking (shhh) it…
Having pride comes last. It doesn’t last.
It lies in shreds at your ankles with your underwear.

My life- I clenched my grasp feeling it slip. Your words, your member, you with your deceiving ways- I’ll take it. Take my life so you don’t find it here.

• Another WordPress creation by Kitsowisdom •


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