She stands under the bright street-light, she
with her ruby red lips, fishnet stalkings
and, skimpy dress which barely covers her
long white legs.
She is a girl. Abused by choice or
she is but reduced to a woman good enough for
one thing.
she who has learnt to hide her emotions
behind this façade of a pleasure toy.
A car slacks down in front of her – if you
had looked close enough you would
have seen the pain in her eyes, instead
of the eager grin she has learnt to
paste onto her pretty face.
As you drive away from the street-light
where she stood, her life flashes before
you told her she wasn’t worth a dime
now look, she is worth three-hundred 
bucks by the hour.
yet inside… she is nothing.
You slip your hand inbetween her milky
white thighs even though the look in
her eyes begs you to stop.
you tell her to crack it because you
are paying her for this – and anyway
she is nothing but a disgrace! A whore!
if you had looked closer you would have
seen the invisible tears in her eyes.
In your room, she closes her eyes – you do
as you please to her – after all she is
worth three hundred bucks…
yet inside she is nothing.
She wills it all to end and after what
seems to be a lifetime of heart
pain and body pain you heave
yourself off her – and look at her
guiltily as you put your pants on in
Back under the street-light with her eyes
beginning to tear up, you throw three
crumpled pink notes at her.
You weren’t good enough – and anyway you’re
Nothing but a disgrace!
Those bitter words cut through her 
entire being,
the last shred of will she has as
she picks up the crumpled notes
from the sidewalk and watches
you drive away.
As the casket is lowered into the wet 
ground, pictures of a beautiful girl
fill the minds and thoughts of
many. Her long chestnut hair, full
pink lips, big brown eyes…
Her frail body broken by your words,
your illness. You killed her
you murderer… Big drops of
rain fall from the sky. They
mourn the lady of the night.

Another WriterB Original.


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