So I’m doing a seminar for my English course . This said seminar is known as Signs & Cities and is all about post modernism (P.M) in the city and its influences there (apparently I know what P.M is, I’m still thinking what the?!). One of the biggest theorists of P.M was Jean-François Lyotard whose name I must say somehow makes me want to wear my ballet garb and do a Grand Plie

[The Grand Plie ~ is a full bend at the knees done to four counts going down, and four counts coming up. The heels lift at the full bend (except in the second position where they remain on the floor) and then pushed down to the floor as you pass through a demi-plie coming to the standing position. Again, the Grand Plie should be practised in all five basic positions, with correct posturing.]

We recently had to write a short essay on what we had learnt so far and my oh my, my first paragraph while writing the draft if I may call it one was on something about a coffee mug, a dictionary being the relative of the encyclopedia and when I asked my boyfriend Michael to read he rolled his eyes and said “Is that an essay? It does not read like one…”. I mean here I was with directions from my tutor to explore and be creative with the format of the said essay and my boyfriend has the nerve to tell me I’m transgressing. First of all I’m hard headed and tried explaining to him that the tutor said… He just turned around and sat down saying; “Ok I get it, but I don’t think she wants you to say the guy reminds you of ballet”. Here I am, trying to do something substantially groundbreaking in the art of essay writing, you know loosen the tie a bit and well point is I took his advice and pressed the backspace button after all he knows what he is talking about right? No one gets into science honours by writing essays that sound like they are taking a coffee break with their tutor.

Is it possible to say this conversation was an example of the very notion that is post-modernism? The scientist wanting order and reason and the ‘hippie’ just trying to do something different. Even though I was trying to find my “third space of expression” which I didn’t because of the dratted back space button, going back on my opinion. I succeeded though, by following the conventions of your expected essay format to break down and explain everything I had learnt so successfully my tutor even called my essay sophisticated… Where does it all end really? The boundaries? What society claims is norm and not norm? Here I am, a little speck on earth trying to show the world the smudge on the mirror so they can wipe it off and society keeps pushing us sideways and out of the way eventually…  Ironic isn’t it? Which is exactly what P.M strives off 🙂


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