Totality, your idea of where you are
and where you want to be, you
forget that the nuances of your
words pulled together in cool
lines and non-rhymes are not
necessarily the epitome of poetry
but rather of words haphazardly
thrown together into a blender
in the hope that a shake worth
the effort will be formed and
poured in your breakfast
glass for you to devour.

Totality, you lose essence of the
dictionary’s contents in your blind
fiddling, pulling, hoping and
not really knowing if you make
sense to those you stand in
front of with your mic and dish
out that vocab for, those who
hope you will write their
story unawares.

Totality, You showed me a dream
in which everything I said
was so awesome, shiny like a
new platinum ring that surrounds
your so said inspiration. Totality,
you’ve forgotten where you
were, where you came from
and all you should lie about.


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