I have a DREAM

“Once Upon Guitar strings, a Plie & ; a Theatre stage”

Once Upon a time in a little town far away (it’s not actually that little but just sounds better this way for the effect of this story) there lived a little girl. Her name, Boipelo, she played in mud, climbed trees, and drove brick cars with the boys in her neighbourhood. She even played alabasters (those little things called marbles) ever so often. She could run as fast as the wind (I reckon she still can) but anyway aside from these digressions what I’m saying is that she was a tomboy who had pj’s with airplanes on them and managed to convince her mom to get her a helicopter with pilots who spoke when you pushed a button, this being for her kindergarten graduation.

She, however, was as girly as they came when the clock struck two in the afternoon. She would run across from her kindergarten to her ballet class. Caught up in the music, the twirls, plies and just the magical feeling of the art that is the movement of ballet she found true and complete joy, friends and something she does even now (twirl and do plies in ridiculous places just because she is reminiscent). Then one sad day her family moved and with a heavy heart she played her swan song for ballet with a torch song burning in her heart. She grew up; meeting music, poetry, and theatre along the way and gave her heart to each one of them much the way she had first given her heart to ballet. There she was tough on the outside and warm and hot fudge-like on the inside with her heart split in so many different directions…

Basically that is all part of who I am… Complicated? No? Don’t think so either… Actress, Performer, Writer, Poet and dabbler in writing lyrics (have the pen skills but dismally lack the singing part). I reckon, when people ask you why you are crying when you think you are hitting a Mariah Carey note, you should only do the ‘singing’ behind closed doors as a past time and nothing else unless you use it to write as I do though. I have an immense love for music so widely varied it ranges from jazz (old school – think the ratpack/nat king cole & new school – amy winehouse/jamie cullum/michael bublé…), soul, neo-soul (ERYKAH BADU!!!!), alternative, acoustic to blues, electronic, indie, hip-hop and latin american jams… It feeds, and applies so simply to the human complex… It encapsulates all the emotions one can feel without being to express which is obviously what makes it so universal… I have a friends guitar in my room collecting dust because I do not know how to string it. If I did I would be strumming away on the cords getting lost in the language that those simple wires speak when they are strummed…

The story of me and theatre is so closely linked to my dance, my movement, my beat, my pen and paper and for me I think acting is the closest thing to being real that there is because like Dean Koontz said “in the real world as in dreams nothing is quite what it seems”. I believe in existing in a world where even though the world closely resembles puss oozing all over a wound we shouldn’t just look away and pretend it exists. We should brace ourselves and look at it and clean it…


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