I write to express opinion whether it be driven by experience, observing people or the world around me. I live through music, words and the small unnoticed things in life that people usually see much later in that experience. Free verse where I allow the words to fall like they wish, the way that makes them real is the manner in which I approach my writing. I write when the urge and my muse come together,I allow my thoughts, ideas and life to guide me instead of forcing myself to write.

its nonsensical to try and put a tag on the way things should be because they always end up spilling at the edges as they try to break out… I feel this is how poetry (like any faculty that respects itself enough to call itself a humanities faculty) tries to do something different not quite as calculated and structured in my regard as maths or engineering would be…

funny enough how I was talking to my neighbor this afternoon as we climbed, we were actually just walking (but when you walk up-slope a mountain quick walking becomes a problematic word of description) to campus. He was on the way to a mind-boggle inducing oooh so hard to understand for a hippie like me microbiology lecture whilst I was just returning a dvd for my film seminar [my own private Idaho – very strange film] and a book on post-modernism to the library.

according to him, he said he was going to the smart side of campus while I just happened to be on the so called creative side. now while humanities students have been for decades encapsulated as bare feet, and chilling on the grass type people who happen to be doing some or other course at university the superiors are very different and just happen to sometimes, on one of those very occasional days… at this point in the debate I turn the volume to mute because its the same old story anyway…

like I was saying poetry, my kind of poetry brings to mind a magnifier that shows that smudge on the mirror which taints the perfect image people wish to bask themselves in because reality is too much… its very hard and trying job writing poetry for an audience or readership who choose to be ignorant because they say the poetry is depressing… well life is isn’t it? you just can’t always have an idyllic frame of mind because life will catch up at some point. Jason Carney once said on Def Jam Poetry – “Knowledge cures ignorance, if you’re in the know be contagious”… I think when people learn to open their eyes and look further than what is in front of their eyes only then will the smudge not matter…


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