for some odd reason there is a moment when you wake up whether you were actually asleep or not prior to this waking is really not the point. the point is that in that moment where like me, you might be listening to john mayer’s continuum (or not), it hits you… everything you do, say, think is somehow controlled by the way society thinks of everything. this then begs the question ‘who is society?’ who decides that sentences should begin with capital letters and end with fullstops… think I’ve made my point or something like it… I realized the other day that in my whole so said blogging career I have actually just been posting up my poetry… what is blogging? a poem is an idea, a conversation is it not? someone wrote that a picture is an idea drawn and not written or something like it… so in defense of my art; I will attempt this thing called blogging and see how that goes for me but poetry will be there hard…


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