I dream of dreams
that tell me stories
of things to come.
I close my eyes to
sleep and see nothing
on days when
messages of the
unknown are passed
to me.

I dreamt a dream
where you left me and I
wept.. It never occured
to me that when the messages
come alive they are not
like they were when my
eyes were closed.

I realized now that you
will wait, whether from
obligation or hurt, before
you let yourself embrace

The words; secrets lying
untold hidden amongst
pages and words written
on my body never
escaping my lips hang
there. I care more than
the word cares itself.

The distance is there. I feel
it when I open my eyes
to look at you when you hold
me. I hear it in my voice
when I speak to you.
That tremble I felt
holding you holding me,
those tears I cried
without you ever noticing
fall again now.

I’m glad to have known
you. I didn’t open my
heart to you completely
because someone once
said these things happen
over time.

This though I do not
have because I realise
you sitting there
with me. When you leave
me sitting in that
coffeeshop; you have
been sitting with
me for a while.

I realize now that
when I pass on
the fingerprints of
my laugh, my eyes,
my hands barely fitting
yours, my smile,
the things that pass and
matter to us will remain
etched in your memory,
you who holds only
what matters, I hope I do.

I dreamt I was
amongst a sea of
faces, not alive, searching
for me and realize
that I must stop

The window crashed open
and blew this candle
out. words could never
be so simple even
when all you’re
saying is
I love you.

She waits in my memory
my heart and I might
walk towards her and
ask her to take me
wit her; maybe thats
why she has been walking
around with me.

The silences that exist
between us no more
louder than the times
when you laugh and
I don’t.

If I die tonight… In
the event of my death…
Never forget the moments
that mattered because I


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